2015 was an interesting year for me, finally finished my undergraduate degree in Multimedia Web Design, graduating with a 2:1. More of a relief than anything. Other 2015 highlights of mine include:

  • A successful trip to Cheltenham Races in March,
  • My cousin Martins fantastic wedding in June,
  • Fallout 4 in November,
  • Continuing working for the SU and its awesome team,

So Where Was I For New Year?

Back around April 2015, my sister Louise was accepted onto the Walt Disney World Cultural Representative Program. The programme is a 12-month placement working around the WDW parks in Florida. Louise was working in World Showcase, a feature of the EPCOT park. Each of the 11 countries hires young adults to work in merchandise and food within their pavilions. How awesome is that?

So fast forward a few months, my mum and I begin discussing Christmas and we decided it would be rude not to spend it with Louise in Florida. A few weeks later flights were booked along with a villa just a five-minute drive from the parks, and a 14 Day ultimate Disney Ticket.

So on December 31st, I found myself in Disney World. Leaving our villa just outside of Kissimmee, we headed for EPCOT arriving around 6:30 pm with the first fireworks show of the evening playing out as we entered the park. Walking between the Canadian and UK pavilion wearing a Disney new year hat (that didnt fit my rather large cranium) there was quite an odd but amazing atmosphere. Quite a sight and something I cant imagine myself doing again. Tucking into a Canadian beer watching some rather incredible fireworks is not a bad way to usher in a new year. Im not very sentimental around the whole new year thing but:

Was it where I wanted to be? New Year in the happiest place on earth, Hell Yeah!