James R. Williams

Hey, I'm James

I'm a full-stack web developer based in Toronto, currently working with the wonderful team at Points, who enjoys building delightfully fast, easy to use, and engaging digital projects.

I'm currently reading Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown.

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🛠️ Active projects

  • jamesrwilliams/personal-site

    The source code for my personal portfolio site and blog. It is built with Gatsby, deployed with Netlify, and is a full progressive web app!

  • jamesrwilliams/experiments

    A collection of my side projects, scripts, sandboxes and snippets. Here live the things that I've started and not finished.

  • jamesrwilliams/flagpole

    Easily register and work with feature flags in your theme with Flagpole. This WordPress plugin allows developers to easily configure feature flags in your WordPress themes.