What started as a minor tweak to this site turned into quite a large refactor! I've added a little theme improvement and some changes to the tooling around the site build. Along with the headliner changes detailed below:

Added MDX support

The majority of content on this site lives as Markdown, I've recently switched this site to use MDX as well which has opened up my editing experience up to being able to use other JSX components right in the posts. I had a brief introduction to MDX when working with storybook building component docs but the fact you can quickly add components to posts very cool. Not using it much yet but the option is there, probably good to image and layout controls.

I've had to do some funky setup things as I wanted to store the Markdown files in a different folder structure than the way they are when published. In the /src/posts directory they're organised by year, and on my site I just have them as /posts/slug rather than /posts/YYYY/slug. to get around this I now have my gatsby-config.js file dynamically create source nodes for each year like so:

// In gatsby-config.js
module.exports = {
    // [...]
    plugins: [
        ...buildSourceCalls(), // Add a spread operator for the array my function returns
    // [...]

 * This works out the year directories for all my posts
 * and creates a unique source node call for each directory.
 * This approach avoids having the year in the URL but lets me keep my posts organised
 * in year directories.
 * Just using one source of `/src/posts` would be /posts/{YEAR}/{SLUG} rather
 * than what I want: /posts/{SLUG}
function buildSourceCalls(name = 'posts') {
  const startYear = 2015; // Earliest year I wrote a post
  const years = new Date().getFullYear() - startYear;
  const output = [];

  // eslint-disable-next-line no-plusplus
  for (let i = 0; i < years + 1; i++) {
      resolve: 'gatsby-source-filesystem',
      options: {
        path: `${__dirname}/src/posts/${startYear + i}`

  return output;

Removed Tailwind

I added Tailwind CSS back February 2021 in an attempt make my site easier to maintain. In theory this was a great move, but I found it to significantly slow down my builds and local development. I think this site has a pretty simple design, so maybe it's just overkill. My builds were taking upwards of 92s (with a cache) Tailwind and the PostCSS process making it work was not worth the cost. Now with Tailwind and all that removed builds are back down to pre-tailwind times!

Scheduled builds with Google Cloud Scheduler

I've also set up a Google Cloud scheduler job to trigger a fresh rebuild of this site each week to check for any build issues if I don't push an update to my site that often. This simple cron job fires every wednesday to rebuild the site.

As always you can check out this site's source code and development activity on GitHub: jamesrwilliams/personal-site.