GitHub Deploy Keys

Create SSH Key:

ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096 -C "{email}"

Set the git remote:

git remote set-url origin{username}/{repo}

Check Auth with username against GitHub:

ssh -T {username}

Echo out easy to copy-paste version of the public key:

cat ~/.ssh/

Get MD5 fingerprint of key

A key fingerprint is a short sequence used to identify a larger key. Useful for verifying if a key is similar to another without having to do a direct comparison. For example GitHub and GitLab display an MD5 hash of the key for easy comparison. For example: cb:21:45:27:a3:02:d8:69:3c:fa:df:77:4f:46:d0:a6

You can check this against your local keys by doing something like this within your SSH key directory.

ssh-keygen -l -E md5 -f