Hello! I'm James W. A development engineer, originally from the UK but who moved to Canada in 2018. I am currently working with both JavaScript (TypeScript, React.js, Node, Gatsby, and Ionic) and Python (Flask, Django etc).

I first started with web development in 2011 as part of a college project and never dropped it. I then changed my plans for my undergraduate degree from marketing to "Multimedia Web Design" at the University of Gloucestershire. My professional start was in a few agencies developing bespoke WordPress themes amongst other things like natural language processing powered chat bots, and interactive direct-marketing campaigns.

Professional Experience

I've been a professional developer for 6 years, working in a variety of environments including non-profits, creative agencies, and product development settings. Working on a diverse range of web based projects both for B2B and consumer facing audiences. My professional journey so far:

  • Technical Lead @ Points.com, Toronto, CA
    2022 Jan to Current
  • Development Engineer @ Points.com, Toronto, CA
    2021 March to 2022 Jan
  • Web Developer @ Points.com, Toronto, CA
    2019 March to 2021 March
  • Web Developer @ Silver Agency, Cheltenham, UK
    2016 October to 2018 November
  • Web developer @ Fusion Design & Print, Cheltenham, UK
    2016 March to 2016 October

If you want to find out more about my experience or projects check out my posts where I try to cover all the interesting and challenging projects I've worked on, or feel free to reach out on LinkedIn. For those more interested in something more formal that you can download, take a look at my resume.

Things I use

I use IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate as my project IDE and a little bit of Sublime Text for other random files. In both I use FiraCode (with ligatures) as my code typeface of choice, and on the command line I use iTerm2 running with ohmyz. Building things and surfing in general with the help of Firefox Developer Edition as my daily browser. I use Obsidian for my notes, which is hooked up to a GitHub repo.


For work I use a Macbook Pro (13-inch 2018) plugged into a LG 34″ UltraWide Monitor (34UM69G-B) using a Dell 3000 USB-C dock, and a wireless Apple mouse and keyboard. When I need my headphones I've got a set of Bose QC 35s. For fun I've got a self-built gaming PC, specs for which are outlined in this post: Building my own PC.

This site

This site statically rendered with GatsbyJS, using MDX for posts and styled-components to handle the design. All deployed via Netlify from its home on GitHub. This is the successor for my old .co.uk domain now I am based in Canada!

Everybody has a testing environment. Some people are lucky enough enough to have a totally separate environment to run production in.
- @stahnma